630499_94537628Sometimes there’s no greater proof of the usefulness of menopause care than the thoughts of loved ones who see menopausal women day in and day out – at their best and their worst. Husbands, partners, best friends, children, siblings – they’re all affected by the experience of menopause in their loved ones, too. Whether it’s watching a mother or wife suffer hot flashes or feeling the wrath of her mood swings, menopause symptoms aren’t just about the women going through them.

When it comes to menopause treatment, we’ve discovered nobody has more opinions than husbands!

Here are some testimonials from satisfied husbands of our patients, from the sweet:

“After starting hormones and feeling like she does, I’m sure she wished she had seen them sooner. I have my wife back”   – Michael D.

…to the silly:

“I love progesterone – it really seems like she genuinely likes me again! It works so well, I call it her anti-snippy pill. Progesterone is the best thing that has happened to us!!” – Tony O.

…to the just plain funny:

“I have a shrine in our house dedicated to the Menopause Center. You’re making the world a better place for husbands, that’s for sure!” – Greg B.

Do yourself, and your partner, a favor. You don’t have to suffer from menopause symptoms. There is help! Call us at ​651-698-0891 to schedule an appointment, or use our online appointment request form. Apparently, your husband will thank you!



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