What are the Top Lubricants for Sex after Menopause?

What are the Top Lubricants for Sex after Menopause?

Lubricants for Sex

After menopause, when estrogen levels have plummeted and sex is often uncomfortable or outright painful because of dryness, the use of a lubricant can make sexual intercourse pleasurable again. With all of the options on the market it can be a challenge to figure out which lubricants are the best choices. Here are six top lubrications for sex after menopause. Most are readily available over the counter or even in your local grocery store.

Olive Oil

Chances are good that you have olive oil in your kitchen right now. If the idea of using a cooking oil as a lubricant seems strange, it might surprise you that Greeks as early as 350 B.C. used olive oil as a sexual lubricant, among other things. Organic olive oil is preferable to avoid chemical residues from farming and harvesting. One important note—if you plan to use a condom for sex, you should avoid olive oil or any oil-based lubricants, because they break down latex.

Coconut Oil

Solid at room temperature but liquid when warmed, coconut oil has surged in popularity lately as a personal lubricant. It’s become a popular ingredient for cooking and homemade skin-softening creams, as well. You can use it as a lubrication for sex after menopause, but as with olive oil, organic is the safest, and you shouldn’t use it with condoms.

K-Y Jelly Products

The original K-Y Jelly is a water-based lubricant that’s widely used by a variety of people. Because it’s water-based it’s safe to use with condoms, and it’s available almost anywhere you can buy condoms or drug-store items. K-Y comes in a variety of different formulas, some of them silicone-based, so be sure to read the label. Some of their jellies are called “intense” or “warming” and are designed for extra stimulation. Those can irritate dry tissues and make the problem worse, so it’s best to stick to the original.


Replens is one of the top vaginal lubricants after menopause. Their Silky Smooth Personal Lubricant is silicone-based. When compared to a lube that’s water-based like KY products, which are also a great choice for many women, Replens is slicker and longer-lasting because of the silicone. This means less is needed and it’s less likely that you’ll have to reapply during sex. Replens is also safe for use with condoms. Their moisturizer can also be used on an ongoing basis to help improve vaginal dryness and discomfort in general. Other good silicone-based lubes are brands like Liquid Silk and Astroglide.

Carrageenan Gently Natural Personal Lubricant

Some people find that they’re sensitive to ingredients in commercial lubricants like those listed above, perhaps because they’re sensitive to the glycerin commonly used in them. Carrageenan is water-based and contains no glycerin, so it’s an option for those who have trouble with other lubricants, and it’s safe with condoms. Aloe, Vitamin E and carrageenan are main ingredients.

Estrogen Creams

Estrogen creams, unlike the other top lubricants for sex after menopause, aren’t designed to be used before intercourse. Available only with a prescription, estrogen cream is meant to be applied regularly. It replenishes the estrogen that’s lacking in the vaginal tissues and helps you produce natural lubrication. Many women use estrogen cream to alleviate dryness and then use a personal lubricant before sex until they no longer need the extra moisture.

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