Continued Use of Hormone Therapy in Women Over 65

Continued Use of Hormone Therapy in Women Over 65

By Rebecca Mendoza, CNP, NCMP – Menopause Center of Minnesota Provider

The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) recently issued a statement on continued use of Hormone Therapy. NAMS is the leading body of menopause practitioners in North America, and all the providers at the Menopause Center of Minnesota are NAMS certified.

It’s NAMS, and our, position that hormone therapy is the most effective treatment for symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. NAMS recommends hormone therapy be initiated in women for whom there are no potential health complications, within 10 years of menopause, are symptomatic and under the age of 60.

However, many women continue to experience life-disrupting menopause symptoms that can have negative impact on their wellness after the age of 65. We, in accordance with the NAMS statement, recommend that women ages 60+ be evaluated for continued hormone therapy treatment on an individual basis, and educated about the risks associated with hormone therapy after  the age of 60. If it’s decided the benefits of hormone therapy outweigh the risks, it’s a viable solution for menopause symptoms in older women. Similarly, if it’s decided that the risks of hormone therapy outweigh the benefits, hormone therapy may be discontinued after discussion and agreement between the patient and her provider.

You can read the full NAMS statement online. You can read more about our preferred hormone therapy, bioidentical hormone therapy, at our FAQs. If you have questions or concerns, please schedule an appointment with us by calling 651-698-0891 or request an appointment online. We’re here to help you on this journey!

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