Beyond the Hot Flash: Perimenopause Symptoms You May Not Expect

Beyond the Hot Flash: Perimenopause Symptoms You May Not Expect

bioidentical hormone therapy in perimenopause

By Rebecca Mendoza, CNP, NCMP

Many women are already aware that hot flashes are a typical symptom of perimenopause. But there are symptoms that doctors may blame on other causes, especially in women they think might be too young for perimenopause. Unfortunately, this results in the treatment of individual symptoms instead of the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy that can help treat all the side-effects in the most natural way possible.

What is Perimenopause?

When a woman’s reproductive system changes and hormonal fluctuations occur, she has entered the stage known as perimenopause. Reaching perimenopause doesn’t mean a woman is getting old or has something wrong like a disease. It’s a natural stage of life that can unfortunately bring some unpleasant physical side-effects with it.

The hormonal changes can start as early as age 35, but many doctors don’t even consider that insomnia, moodiness or changes in sex drive could be hormonal until women are in their mid-forties. The lower progesterone levels during perimenopause are linked to things like heavier periods and clotting, weight gain, insomnia and moodiness, which are some of the things doctors will often treat without looking for the root cause.

The sleeping pills, antidepressants, diet pills or other medications that might be prescribed for these complaints are unlikely to be effective if they’re due to perimenopause. The hormonal changes that cause those symptoms affect the body in various ways that may not be obvious, so it’s far better to treat the cause all at once with something like bioidentical hormones. These hormones are molecularly identical to the ones you produce naturally–your body can’t tell the difference.

For women in their mid-thirties, late-thirties or older, symptoms like insomnia, weight gain, irritability and sleep disorders could be caused a variety of things, but perimenopause is something that should be looked at as a serious possibility. It’s important to find a health provider familiar with perimenopause and women’s specific health needs who’s willing to listen to your symptoms comprehensively instead of ticking off boxes to treat each one on its own.

Bioidentical Hormones in Perimenopause

The use of bioidentical hormones can offer relief from the symptoms of perimenopause, and in some cases compounded bioidentical hormones are the best option. Compounded hormones are simply a custom-made hormone prescription designed to meet your individual needs, with different hormones in varying levels that might not be available in a standard commercial formula.

In this blog series, we’ll examine four of the most commonly misdiagnosed perimenopause symptoms–loss of libido, weight gain, irritability and sleep disorders–along with the bioidentical hormones that can offer relief to help you feel your best during this stage of life.

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