11 Changes Women Go Through in Menopause

11 Changes Women Go Through in Menopause

rebeccaRecently Menopause Center of Minnesota provider Rebecca Mendoza was interviewed in U.S. News & World Report. In their informative slideshow 11 Changes Women Go Through in Menopause, Becky’s advice can help women understand the changes they undergo during this important change in life.

11 Changes Women Go Through in Menopause
Help your body and mind through this major milestone. 

Better than you expect

You’ve made it this far, and that’s a good thing. “There are ways to be comfortable through menopause, with treatment and lifestyle changes,” says Rebecca Mendoza, a certified nurse practitioner at the Menopause Center of Minnesota. “It isn’t a time to be miserable – women do well.” Menopause can be disruptive, though. Hot flashes are real, and shifting hormones can affect your sleep, sex drive, bone mass and mood. Even so, menopause is better than people expect, Mendoza says – and support and solutions are out there. Read more

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